Saturday, 8 April 2017, 7:00pm to ~ 9:00

The Latow Audio Visual Festival is unique in this area and is a highlight of the year in the AV community. Images are presented on a theatre size screen with audio soundtracks presented in surround sound in a unique exhibition using the AV medium. A showcase to see an exciting display of photography on different topics, using different audio-visual techniques to tell a story or to show off an artistic vision. A great evening for photographers, other visual artists, and those who simply appreciate a good entertaining show.


Announcing the 2017 AV Festival program…this year we have productions from Canada as well as internationally including the UK, Ireland, Germany and the USA.


Preview short clips from each one of the highlighted shows.

Tickets: $10 in advance or $15 at the door.

Location: Lee Chin Family Gallery, Arts Gallery of Burlington, 1333 Lakeshore Rd., Burlington ON L7S 1A9