Saturday, 18 April 2020 — 9:00am to 4:30pm


Kas Stone’s Seminar: “Landscape Photography and the Meaning of Life”

It may seem like a bold title, but it reflects the feeling that many photographers have when standing before a beautiful scene with camera in hand: This is what makes life worth living!

The weekend’s seminars and workshops focus on photographing the natural world, from grand landscapes to intimate details, and from our own back yards to exotic locations we visit during our travels. We look at ways in which this photographic exploration can become a powerful means for personal and artistic expression, for self-discovery, and even for recovery.

Saturday’s four sessions are sequenced to reflect the photographic process itself, beginning with inspirations and motivations for our image-making, moving on to craftsmanship and creativity, ethical and environmental concerns, and concluding with choices for personal projects that showcase our images. Each session will be approximately 1-1/4 hr, with breaks for coffee and/or lunch between.

What you will learn: How to use each step in the photographic process to help you explore and express your personal connection with the natural world.

1. Inspiration, Motivation & Meaning: Why am I making this photograph?

The answer can be elusive, especially in the genres of landscape and fine art photography when often the only reason we can come up with is a lame “because it’s beautiful.” In this session, we grapple with the Why of image-making: why we pick up our cameras in the first place, why we prefer some photographic genres, scenes and subject matter over others, and ultimately what it is we want to say with our photographs. Detailed topics: click here.

2. Craftsmanship & Creativity: How do I make this photograph?

Once we have figured out why we are making an image, the next question becomes how? How involves two general components: craftsmanship and creativity. Craftsmanship is the process of competently wielding our cameras and photo editing software to produce a desired result. Creativity is what makes a photograph sing. In this session we unravel the How of image-making using a non-technical approach, exploring visual design and creative strategies to transform our landscape, nature and travel experiences into photographic fine art. Detailed topics: click here.

3. Ethical & Environmental Concerns: How should I make this photograph?

Our images may be judged by others as authentic or deceptive. Our actions as photographers can have positive or negative impacts on the wilderness we cherish. In this session we tackle the ethics of image-making and our environmental responsibilities and opportunities when photographing the natural world. Detailed topics: click here.

4. Personal Projects: What can I do with this photograph?

The result of all our photographic outings and travel adventures are hard drives full of images that bring back happy memories and may even include a few masterpieces. But what to do with them? In this session we discuss possibilities for assembling images into personal projects – coherent bodies of work that explore a theme, tell a story, or promote a cause. We also consider how having a project or purpose in mind can shape our photographic experiences in the field. Detailed topics: click here.


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Tickets: $75 in advance; $90 at the door.  Combine with at least one Sunday ticket and receive a discount of 10% on your entire purchase (not to be combined with purchases for a second person).

Location: Lee-Chin Family Gallery, Art Gallery of Burlington,  1333 Lakeshore Rd., Burlington ON L7S 1A9

Parking: Free of charge in the AGB lot off Elgin Street, on a first-come-first-served basis, and in several nearby municipal lots all day Saturday and Sunday.

What to bring:  If you wish to take notes on a tablet or laptop, we’ll ask you to sit near the back, out of consideration for those behind you. See our notes about bringing lunch.