Prints by Latow members will be on display in the Fireside Lounge during April. On a Sesquicentennial theme, the images represent scenes and objects that would have been familiar in Canada in 1867. These are samples:


The Battle of Stoney Creek was fought on 6 June 1813 during the War of 1812 near present-day Stoney Creek, Ontario. British units made a night attack on an American encampment and it was a victory for the British, and a turning point in the defense of Upper Canada. (Paul Sparrow)

Ottawa 11crprsz

Watson’s Mill in Manotick, on the Rideau River just south of Ottawa. The mill has been grinding wheat and other grains since 1830 and still operates today. (Tom Stephens)

Dundurn - Gary

A bedroom in Dundurn Castle, Hamilton. Built in 1835 by Sir Allan MacNab (later Prime Minister of United Canada, 1854 – 56), and now designated a National Historic Site, this castle saw many famous visitors, among them Sir John A. Macdonald and King Edward VII.  (Gary Beaudoin)

Silver Islet Cemetery-frank

This grave is situated in a cemetery of a village on Lake Superior dating back to the 1860’s. Silver Islet is located on the Sibley Peninsula, better known as the Sleeping Giant, visible across the water from the city of Thunder Bay. The cemetery is hidden in the woods and has been largely reclaimed by nature. (Frank Myers)