Denise is Latow’s featured speaker for 2017. An award-winning photographer who conducts workshops and produces e-books, Denise’s passion is melding art and nature, and teaching others how to as well. Her superb images attest to this, as do her major awards and Smithsonian Exhibitions in 2015 and 2016 (lower image; click to enlarge it).

As renowned as she  is for her wonderful images of birds and flowers, Denise is equally at home with travel, landscape and urbex genres. Her  website is chockful of galleries that nicely illustrate her artistry and skill. Her 10 e-books are also convincing evidence of how her technical and artistic skills combine to produce beauty in digital form.

Denise is a popular and widely traveled workshop leader, offering a wide range of choices every year. Over 2300 people follow her blog, where she posts something new and fresh almost every day. It’s clear from the chat that Denise has a loyal and enthusiastic following.

For some insight into the passion of this wonderful photographer, check out her beautiful essay on how she got to where she is today: A Defining Moment.

For an inspiring (if somewhat exhausting!) summary of Denise’s travels in 2016, look at her Year in Review.

Based in New Jersey, Denise will be making a rare and welcome appearance in southern Ontario. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend some quality time with Denise!