Our November survey of past attendees elicited many warm tributes for Denise from people familiar with her and her work. Here are some:

  • “I have attended Denise’s workshops (three) and can’t recommend her enough! A brilliant teacher.”
  • “One of the best.”
  • “Her work is stunning.”
  • “I have done all of these (topics) with Denise. She is an awesome photographer, great teacher and lovely constructive, positive teacher as well as a friend! Can I say more?”
  • “She is one of the best bird photographers in the States, in my opinion.”
  • “Denise is fabulous. I have no doubt any workshop she does will be professional and outstanding. I know this from experience with her. This will be a refreshing change for the better from last year’s workshops, specially the last of the day.”
  • “I am very excited that you are bringing Denise. She is an amazing photographer.
  • “Denise will be a great speaker. I plan to attend.”
  • “I want to sign up for this one now!! Congratulations on getting her for your weekend.”